How to complete a landing page without knowing how to programme

So you have the basics ready, and now you want to complete your landing page but don’t know how to programme. These tools will help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Suppose you have the basics in place, but you want to complete your landing page without knowing how to programme. No problem. These tools will help make everything run smoothly. Your project is under way! 

Surely your website is spot on, even if it’s only in your head for now. You may have made a home page, but you need more. We’ve already told you about some tools for starting a digital project without coding, but now we’re going to give you some alternatives that will help you with metrics and organising your team’s work.  

No-code tools for your website 

Stripe. This payment gateway allows you to manage your commercial transactions online. 

Mailchimp. You already know how important email marketing is to keep in touch with your customers. This platform gives you the possibility of measuring data and creating ads for social networks, personalised messages and landing pages.

No-code tools to communicate with your customers and your team 

Slack. Organise your work life, communicate with your co-workers or customers wherever you are, make calls, set up channels… productivity is assured.

Crowdcast. With this tool you can hold online meetings, webinars or any other type of meeting involving a relatively large number of people.

Whereby. Similar to the previous one, it will make your meetings easier; no need to download an app or software either.

Want to take it one step further? These websites (no code, of course) will help you measure the success of your project and manage it internally: 

Zapier. It allows you to integrate the web applications you use, programming automations to send information from one site to another and save you time.

Airtable. They define themselves as a cloud collaboration service. Group everything you need into a single workspace so that team members can consult and modify documents, excel pages or databases. You can also set tasks or due dates and assign them to people.

Notion. This tool helps you organise work into a single space in a clear and simple way.

Google. The search engine’s office automation solution covers everything from setting up your metrics with Analytics (which you can turn into dashboards and reports with Google Data Studio) to complete document management (and much more) with Google Workspace.

Ready? Now no one can say you can’t start your company (and manage it) from scratch if you don’t know how to programme!

Main photo: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

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