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What do you want to achieve by becoming an entrepreneur? Jennifer Brandel’s question

Typically, we highlight what the guest told us during the TalkX. We put less emphasis on the private part, which is intended for about twenty selected Explorers, because we like to keep this session exclusive. But this time, something is different.

Jennifer Brandel‘s TalkX was going to be very special, as we knew almost from the beginning. A born communicator thanks to her journalism background, the talk didn’t let up for a moment, helped by the questions from our host, fellow entrepreneur Milagros Pérez (co-founder of Todoc and Content Director at Opinno LATAM). We started strong with her best tips.


Jennifer Brandel’s five tips for (ethical) entrepreneurship

Our first TalkX of the year began, as usual, on Explorer’s Twitch channel, where everyone who wanted to take advantage of the advice of one of the most prominent figures in ethical entrepreneurship could watch. On this topic, he left us with these five key phrases. Take note!


  • Business is built on trust; you have to be transparent. Tell people who you are, what you stand for, and the difference you want to make. Tell people how you live by your values.
  • We don’t like the mantra ‘grow fast, make money, get as big as you can.’ Zebras survive because they are mutualistic. It’s not about being a unicorn, someone singular, but about living and learning in the community.
  • There are stages when you are more risk tolerant; the older you get, the more things you have to lose. For example, I remember when I was 20. It’s great to see how you can experiment at that age; make the most of it, Explorers!
  • Smart money is money aligned with your business and your deadlines.
  • Experience is your best mentor. Entrepreneurship is the best way to find out what you are good at, what you need to learn, and who you need by your side.


After the talk, as usual, about twenty selected Explorers joined her in a private session. And being the journalist she is, Jennifer decided to ask them “the million dollar question”: “What do you want to achieve by becoming an entrepreneur? If you have never thought about it, now is the time.


“I am very passionate, so I want to know that the effort I put into things is going in the right direction,” said one of the Explorers. “I intend to impact society, helping and improving people’s lives positively,” commented another. “Entrepreneurship allows me to explore my creativity,” said a third. And, of course, one of the main motivations also came to the fore: “I intend to earn money and help my family,” highlighted one of the participants in this session, where the vast majority of the attendance was female.


The co-founder of Zebras Unite took note of these arguments, which serve as motivation for the next entrepreneurial generation, and began to debate with the Explorers about technology, community, and the initiative of millennials. In response to these questions, Jeniffer recommended the following:

  • “There are free or very cheap technologies, don’t try to create one from scratch for your business, as it will cost you a lot of time and money.”
  • “It is always good to share what you are experiencing; this way, you create a network of like-minded people.”
  • “Millennials are the most entrepreneurial generation because, thanks to the internet, they have tools and possibilities at their fingertips that were unthinkable before. But it is true that perhaps smaller businesses are being created”.

Want more tips like these? Don’t miss the video with Jennifer Brandel’s TalkX:

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