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Jessica Brown at Explorer’s TalkX: how to apply design and creative thinking to entrepreneurship?

Here are the basics about Jessica Brown, the next Explorer's TalkX guest, to keep you wanting to know more about her. And how do you find out more? By attending her talk. When? Where? Read on.

Entrepreneur and design expert Jessica Brown will be our Special Guest at the Explorer’s TalkX on February 23rd at 8 p.m. CET (check here for the time in your country). You can watch this talk on our Twitch channel and post all your questions for our guest. We are sure there are many, as she will tell us how to apply her speciality to every step of entrepreneurship.


Her academic background has a technology bias, as she studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Stanford. On top of that, Jess Brown has spent years building Design teams from scratch (teams that achieve award-winning user experiences). She is currently a Product Designer at Faire but has previously led Design and Market Research departments at Vice Media and Rent the Runway.


Her work ranges from helping companies understand design processes, “evangelising” design practices, creating workspaces to help designers do their jobs better, and producing user experiences with tangible results. In addition, he often facilitates creative thinking in his teams through techniques such as brainstorming, “sprints”, and week-long design hackathons. 


Now that you know what she does, you have much to ask her, right? We knew that. So remember three basic things:

  • TalkX Jessica Brown.


We are waiting for you!

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