Convocatoria Explorer 2023.1

Fulfil your dream in 12 weeks: join Explorer!

The Explorer 2023 Spring edition is now accepting applications: you have the perfect opportunity to prove that the idea that has been in your head for a long time can achieve the financial independence you want. And all you have to do is press a button.

You have been thinking for a long time about doing something that fulfils you, that proofs the world that, yes, your project is good – and not only brings you benefits but also improves other people’s lives by fulfilling one of the 2030 SDGs. This is your chance to make that dream come true because Explorer’s new call for proposals is open!


Until December 13th, you can sign up for the programme to connect with your future, validating your business idea. And if you don’t have one yet, try our Ideas’ Explorer, which will give you a project, a name, and a logo in less time than it takes to tell the story (you can also click here, but seriously, the Explorer gives you everything done).


Not only will you be closer to achieving the financial independence you desire, but you’ll also connect with a global community of entrepreneurs just like you. Speaking of which, news flash: Germany and the United States are joining the call! Add the participating countries in Explorer (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Uruguay) and calculate how far the networking and contacts can go to.


And, of course, remember that if your project is selected for the Explorer Trip, you will have the opportunity to travel to an important European entrepreneurship hub in September 2023. 


To qualify for all this, all you have to do is.:

  • Sign up here (or click on the button below) before December 13th.
  • Make the most of the 12-week Explorer programme, which starts on January 30th and ends on April 30th. 


If your project is selected, you will experiment risk-free (funded by Santander Universities, the programme is zero-cost). You will also valuable tools for your entrepreneurial life thanks to the working method used in Explorer (read about how we apply the Entrecomp and WhatsApp framework). Any doubts? Solve them all here!

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