Pre TalkX con Mateo Salvatto

Our last TalkX of 2022: Mateo Salvatto!

Instagram Facebook Twitter Tiktok Linkedin Youtube NEWS He is to Argentinian entrepreneurship what a rock star is to a top festival: the TalkX with Mateo Salvatto closes our “roster” of talks this year. And you have an invitation! All you have to do is connect

Convocatoria Explorer 2023.1

Fulfil your dream in 12 weeks: join Explorer!

The Explorer 2023 Spring edition is now accepting applications: you have the perfect opportunity to prove that the idea that has been in your head for a long time can achieve the financial independence you want. And all you have to do is press a button.

TalkX Lolita Taub

Why you shouldn’t miss Lolita Taub’s TalkX

Because you’re going to meet a person who grew up poor and is now mentioned by Forbes as a promoter of investment in underestimated founders and financiers. Lolita is an expert at finding unicorn startups, identifying them, and gauging the potential that others don’t see.