El mantra de Cheryl Campos

Strength in unity: the mantra of Cheryl Campos

This mantra is no less valid for being repeated: unity is strength. And although it can be applied to crowdfunding, in this case, Cheryl Campos spoke to us about how to find the perfect team to support you in your venture.

Inversión específica startups latinas, Cheryl Campos

Targeted investment for Latinx startups? Discover how Cheryl Campos has brought together the entrepreneurial ecosystems with the Latinx investor communities in the United States

There are as many entrepreneurs as there are models of entrepreneurship (or more), and the perfect example is our next guest: Cheryl Campos. On the upcoming Explorer’s TalkX, she will talk about all her facets, especially the one that led her to found a non-profit organisation that bridges the gap between Latinx entrepreneurs and investors. We promise you this will interest you.