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And the selected projects for the Explorer Trip are…

We know, right? This is way more exciting than "the Oscars’ Race," the next Shakira song, or the rules to try and make F1 exciting—seriously, folks, there was a time when you didn't need electronic aids. They called it driving. Are you ready? We already know the list of the selected projects for the Explorer Trip! Which ideas are the chosen ones?

We need world-changing projects, but we are happy to know that many of them go through our programme. When Explorers complete the programme—although you already know this—a jury selects those who deserve to travel to the Explorer Trip to explore ideas you will surely hear about in the coming years. Here are the most recent ones.


Who are the lucky ones who will spend a week in Valencia (Spain), tasting the best rice dishes in the area and bathing on the beach, working hard on their project, and taking advantage of every minute to improve it? We present you “the chosen” one by one so that you can congratulate them personally:


  • Lexi (Universidad Fasta, Argentina). A free app for dyslexic people, it seeks to adapt to the needs and characteristics of each user.
  • Feirao Ceasa (Explorer Brazil). “From the countryside to your home”: the idea is to order high-quality organic products—with a high level of variey—from the comfort of your sofa.
  • Gesol (“Gestionador Solar”) by Enerdis (Universidad de Los Andes, Chile). Energy management system for private users or MSMEs, including forecasting and analysis of solar generation, consumption, and emissions.
  • Saving Small Business (Universitat Jaume I, Spain). This application fights against small business closures in towns and cities. With “Saving Small Business,” a local shop can offer discounts for a limited time at low-demand periods to increase the average purchase amount or to attract new customers.
  • Drone Firefighter (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain). Drone for the prevention, research, assistance, and fight against forest fires.
  • The Biggest 5 (Nebrija University, Spain). Digital sports media whose articles and authors are ranked according to their quality. Users have access only to posts on the subject of their interest and services related to that field. In addition, the authors will be able to give visibility to a social cause, to which a percentage of the profits generated by their posts will be donated.
  • Be Full (Universidad Panamericana, Mexico). An application aimed at companies that seek to help employees improve their well-being, as well as carry out experiences to encourage teamwork and enhance the working environment.
  • Palmito do Atlantico (Universidade da Madeira, Portugal). Use of the banana palm for the production of food with health benefits.
  • Solar Collector (University of Strathclyde, UK). Innovative solar collector designed to help cope with rising energy prices.
  • Viatik (Ort University, Uruguay). Long-distance carpooling: this project proposes travelling at the best price and reducing the carbon footprint by sharing the costs of car journeys.
  • Sialotest (Universitat Jaume I, Spain). A test to determine children’s nutritional status using biomarkers in their saliva.
  • E-Satcom (Nebrija University, Spain). A project that aims to simplify and economise access to satellite communication in regions with no telephone coverage.
  • The Salinity Project (University of Montevideo, Uruguay). Innovative energy generation system based on salinity gradients.
  • Musarina (Autonomous University of Chiapas, Mexico). Creation and distribution of products made from plantain.
  • Manahui (Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, Mexico). Edible coating for fruit and vegetables on supermarket shelves. Malkochtli improves the appearance of food, prolongs its shelf life, and prevents pathogens’ growth.


Those selected in the Explorer edition that has just started will join this cohort. Explorers will enjoy the immersive experience of entrepreneurship in Valencia, the networking, and will take giant steps in their project’s development. Check out what the protagonists of the previous Explorer Trip highlighted:

It’s your turn: do you feel like trying out how far that idea you have in your head can take you? Try Explorer, baby: sign up for the next edition. We’ll let you know when it opens; just keep an eye on this blog.


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