El mantra de Cheryl Campos

Strength in unity: the mantra of Cheryl Campos

This mantra is no less valid for being repeated: unity is strength. And although it can be applied to crowdfunding, in this case, Cheryl Campos spoke to us about how to find the perfect team to support you in your venture.

The TalkX with Cheryl Campos was different (if you saw it, you will have already realised. If not, check the TalkX below): it began with a series of quick questions asked by our host, Alumni Explorer Eileen Galván, which helped us to discover the more personal side of the co-founder of La Familia


We discovered that the person Cheryl most admires is her mother, a woman who emigrated to New York from Latin America to give our guest and her brother, already born in the United States, a better life. That capacity for hard work and spirit of sacrifice (“any woman who creates something from scratch is doing incredible things,” she said) left a very important imprint on Cheryl: “I knew that education would take me where I wanted to go. My background and my mother’s teachings taught me that I had to be the best I could be, which would help me be prepared for the opportunities that came my way,” she explained.


While these statements already piqued the curiosity of TalkX attendees, who started posting their questions on our Twitch channel, most of them focused on strategies for founding companies. “There is no perfect founding dynamic, but, for example, I am sure that my teammates give 100% in everything we do. And there is strength in numbers,” she said.


This powerful idea (the motto of La Familia) remained underlying throughout the talk, and another question soon arose: how do you choose the right people to accompany you in the materialisation of your project? “It’s the same as building a relationship. You have to start by getting to know each other little by little and making sure that you all have the same interests, the same values that the company is going to follow”, advised Cheryl, who has managed to unite the Latino investor communities in the USA with the entrepreneurial ecosystems.



During the week of the 8M, TalkX turned for a few minutes to women’s entrepreneurship: “Women are more aware of these dynamics of founding companies. Unfortunately, there is little progress in this field because organisations dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship often die along the way. However, the next generation of investors will be more aware, and their actions will last longer,” she said.


Once the organisation has been set up, it is time to make it grow. This question concerned many of the Explorers present at TalkX, who wanted to know what soft skills are best suited to grow a startup. “Consistency and honesty,” Cheryl advised. “When they see you are consistent, the right people will gravitate towards you. And the transparency in communication will always be key,” she added.


However, the current uncertain economic scenario requires thinking about investment strategies to prevent potential crises in the company; those attending the talk wanted to know if there was a formula to avoid them. “You don’t fix the roof of your house when it rains, but when it’s sunny. Correct things even if you don’t need to yet, and that will make you ready when the problems come. Also, if you have the right partners, you will be sure that they will also know how to spend money carefully, what to do with the capital, and where to invest it,” our guest noted before wrapping up the TalkX and moving on to the private session with selected Explorers. Want to watch the full talk? You can watch it here:

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