Pre TalkX con Mateo Salvatto

Our last TalkX of 2022: Mateo Salvatto!

He is to Argentinian entrepreneurship what a rock star is to a top festival: the TalkX with Mateo Salvatto closes our "roster" of talks this year. And you have an invitation!

All you have to do is connect to Explorer’s Twitch channel on December 1st at 8 p.m. in Spain (click here to find out your local time), and you’ll have a direct chat line with Argentina’s most acclaimed entrepreneur. That’s right: the TalkX with Mateo Salvatto will allow you to post your questions to this “icon” who has revolutionised the game’s rules.


Mateo defines himself asa 23-year-old technology entrepreneur full of optimism, a desire to change the world, and a lot of love for my country”. He transmitted all this during the Explorer Trip in Oporto last July, when he accompanied those selected for the trip. He also conveys this message in all his talks. And there are many: motivational talks, conferences, and educational workshops. He wants to convince as many young people as possible to work together to ensure a more inclusive, fair, equitable, collaborative, and technologically literate future.

Technology is his passion. With it, he wants to make the world a better place: he set to work after winning the title of national (LNR) and international (in Israel) Robotics champion—when he decided to channel his knowledge to improve people’s lives. Thus was born Háblalo, the free app that assists more than 300,000 users with communication difficulties worldwide. 

Behind this app is Asteroid, a company run by Mateo himself. He combines his work there with that of Innovation Director at ORT Argentina, where he studied, and at the video game company Nawaiam. In addition, this entrepreneur advises companies on innovation and inclusion.

“I am convinced that our generation is the hinge between the past and the future. Not only because of technological advances but because if we can come together and put aside our differences to create a more just, inclusive, diverse, educated, and free society, we will go down in history as the generation that enabled humanity to take the next step; as the generation that won the battle of the future (the title, by the way, of the book he has published). Let’s go”. With statements like this, do you still believe in something like the Crystal generation? Pfff.

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