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Develop your idea and build solutions

Explorer helps you validate your idea and turn it into a sustainable business. You will spend 12 weeks shaping your project into a solution that works towards meeting the 2030 SDGs. Explorer is designed to make you an active driver of change by putting financially sustainable projects into motion.

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Explorer, young people with solutions


October 13th to December 13th


January 30th to April 30th


Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and Uruguay


8-10 hours a week for 12 weeks


Funded by Santander Universities


Hybrid or 100 % online depending on the centre

Explorer TalkX

Steve Blank
Father of Modern Entrepreneurship
Lolita Taub
GP at Ganas Ventures
Alex Osterwalder
Co-Founder Strategyzer
Mara Zepeda
Co-Founder of Zebras Unite
Aniyiah Williams
Founder of Black & Brown
Brian Brackeen
GP at Lightship Capital
Rebeca Hwang
Co-Founder of YouNoodle
Jacqueline Novogratz
Founder and CEO, Acumen
Astrid Scholz
Co-Founder of Zebras Unite

Alumni Explorer

“You will come through with a clearer project and a stronger focus on results and market response. Taking part in Explorer is an enriching process, not only for the actual project, but also for its founders as people and as professionals.”

Paloma Martín
Hoop Carpool

“My biggest take-away from Explorer were my peers, the different groups that came together. I love the synergy that builds up within the team and with peers from all across Latin America, from Spain...”

Danila Blanco Travnicek
amin mansouri

“Before entering Explorer, the truth is I was struggling to start something. What you really have to do is get out there, start networking, share your ideas, welcome feedback and give it your all.”

Amin Mansouri

“I saw it as an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, go back to my university and get my solution validated quickly. The best thing about the programme was the training in different fields, from the entrepreneur’s personal development to marketing or finance.”

Sofía Belenguer


Valencia 2023

Travel to a major entrepreneur hub in Valencia where you get to spend a week with all the other Explorer Fellows selected by Explorer centres across Spain and participating universities and centres from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom and Uruguay. This international event will be a full-on immersive training experience alongside the Explorer community and entrepreneurs from other countries.


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