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    How to Generate Leads Using Social Media

    1. Santander X Explorer

    Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn… social media platforms can work in your favour not only to present your product but also to attract potential clients; that is, to generate leads. How can you do this on each of these platforms? We’ll explain, but first…

    What is a lead?

    It is a contact that a user leaves on our website; in this way, we can follow up with them. To do this, we need two essential things: their email address and their consent to the privacy policy.

    What is lead generation?

    Lead generation involves a set of actions aimed at obtaining these contacts. Once acquired, they will be added to our database with the intention of converting them into clients.

    How do I get those leads?

    You need to get the user to interact with your page, and to do that, you must “attract” them and ensure they visit it. This is where social media comes into play, as they offer tools to help you create campaigns to get these visits. Although they work in similar ways, each has its own rules. Take note!

    How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn

    The go-to site for finding employees or jobs offers a free trial period for its lead generation tool (among other functions), LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In this complete guide, which teaches you how to create your campaign step-by-step, this social media platform highlights several key points:

    - Create a profile of your ideal client by identifying the main characteristics that are most common among your contacts: This will help you fine-tune the reach of your campaigns.\

    • Focus on the quality of leads, not the quantity.\
    • Choose the indicators to measure effectiveness.\
    • Create relevant content for your users.\
    • Become (and make your team) promoters of your project.\
    • Choose the right format (text ads, dynamic ads, email, etc.).

    How to Generate Leads Using Instagram

    This social media platform has the huge advantage of establishing close relationships between content creators (in this case, you, for your idea) and their followers. Its algorithm even works in your favour by predicting which users might like your posts and showing them. To make the most of this feature:

    - Define your audience perfectly: Create content that is adapted to their preferences and needs. Interactions will start, and Instagram’s algorithm will recognize this and seek out more similar users, showing them your posts.

    - Plan a strategy: Story content is only for your current followers, but feed content reaches more new users. Focus there initially: reels are often very effective (but they shouldn’t be 100% of your content; distribute it in ⅔ video and ⅓ carousel photos). Add valuable and relevant information in the post’s text.

    - Anticipate the needs of your potential users and provide more information: Use reels and carousels to generate subscriptions to email lists. You can even use automation tools (ManyChat offers a free trial) to send links via direct messages when a user interacts with your content.

    How to Generate Leads Using TikTok

    The platform itself, in addition to giving you some tips (such as examining data to identify the most active audience segments), explains in this guide how to generate leads easily on its platform. You’ll do this in four steps:

    1. Select an objective (in this case, lead generation).

    2. Set up your ad (choose your audience, a strategy, and upload the creative content).

    3. Create a form for users to leave their information.

    4. Manage the leads (you can do this from your content manager or TikTok’s Lead Centre).


    Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash.


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